Stephen Dansiger

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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...


DharmaSpring is a growing online sangha and pop-up meditation community.  DharmaSpring does not have an ongoing schedule, but rather manifests in different locations sponsored by friends in the community.  This may be an Intro to Meditation class, a half day retreat, full day retreat or longer retreat.  These may take place in community rooms, yoga studios or at private homes. The community is supported by a linked Facebook page. A supporting podcast is also in production.

DharmaSpring was the name given to me by a Zen teacher years ago, and it was given to encourage me to become a fountain, not because he thought I was already there. I am hoping we might become that stream of wisdom and compassion together.