Stephen Dansiger

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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...

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The Institute for Creative Mindfulness present EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training in Southern California -  conducted by Faculty member Stephen Dansiger, PsyD, MFT and other ICM Faculty.

PART ONE: November 15, 16, 17, 2019


PART ONE: January 31 - Feb 2, 2020
PART TWO: March, 27 ,28, 29, 2020


FEES: The fees for Parts One & Two are $775 each. A limited time coupon code is made available for all students upon the start of their Part One Training that can be used towards purchase of their future Part Two Training. The coupon offers a discount of $80, bringing the total price of Part Two down to $695. Full payment for trainings must be made in advance to reserve your spot.

LOCATIONS: Trainings are held in the Old-Town Pasadena area - unless otherwise noted.

HOURS: All training days will be from 08:30AM to 5:00PM unless otherwise stated.


Completing our full training program is a multi-tiered process, consisting of:

Part I Training (3 Days= 20 total hours of Lecture and Practicum): Covers the basics of trauma, the adaptive information processing model, trauma-informed stabilization, and the basic methodology and mechanisms of action used in EMDR Therapy. You will be able to practice EMDR Therapy with certain cases after completion of Part I.

Part II Training (3 Days= 20 total hours of Lecture and Practicum): Enhanced practicum content, covering best practices for using EMDR Therapy with special populations and in the complex scenarios of clinical practice; advanced content on ethics, neurobiology, and case conceptualization.

10 Hours of Consultation with an EMDRIA-approved consultant on our team. Completion of consultation is required before a Certificate of Completion in EMDR Therapy Training can be awarded.

For more information on EMDR Therapy Training, including logistics and frequently asked questions - please read MORE ON THIS WEBSITE or contact: