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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...

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U.S. Journal Training - 5th Southeast Conference: TRAUMA, Addiction & Intimacy Disorders

  • Hilton Atlanta, GA 30326 (map)

The 5th Southeast Conference - TRAUMA, Addiction & Intimacy Disorders provides a forum for exploring the complex issues within the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of mental illness and addictive disorders.

A premier training event, specializing in mental health and the addictions field. US Journal Training, Inc. and The Institute for Integral Development present a combination of nationally recognized faculty who can address a wide variety of today’s most relevant topics.

The result is a highly acclaimed national training event featuring customized training opportunities for developing new treatment strategies and the sharing of research advances for clinicians and counselors.

I am very excited to be working with US Journal, and even more excited that I will have the opportunity to present two different workshops, first on Wednesday and then on Thursday.

EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness: Redefining the Paradigm for Trauma-Focused Care:
This presentation combines the wisdom of Buddha, Pierre Janet, modern mindfulness teachers and Dr. Francine Shapiro, providing a new way of envisioning trauma-focused care. We will focus most directly on the infusion of Mindfulness practices into EMDR therapy in all 8 phases of the standard protocol, as described in the book EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness for Trauma Focused Care by Dr. Dansiger and Jamie Marich. It is appropriate and of interest both for EMDR trained and non-EMDR trained therapists.

Buddhist Psychology and Trauma-Focused Care:
2600 years ago the historical Buddha proposed and transmitted a complete psychology over his 45 years of teaching. The MET(T)A Protocol (Mindfulness and EMDR Treatment for Trauma and Adverse Life Events) is described, usable tools are taught and experienced, expanding in particular on the Buddhist concepts found in Dr. Dansiger’s new book (with Jamie Marich) EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness for Trauma Focused Care.

CEs are available (more information here)

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