Stephen Dansiger

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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...

BOOK TESTIMONLIAL: Dancing Mindfulness - A Creative Path To Healing & Transformation

It has been my privilege to bear witness to Dr. Marich's (Jamie's) process of discovery and the sharing of her gifts with the world.  Her research and her work on trauma has been indispensable to me and to many of my colleagues.  The greatest gift thus far was her insight and then action to blend two passions, dance and mindfulness practice, into a cohesive system called Dancing Mindfulness. Two ancient, simple designs to bring us into our bodies, into our healthy selves.  It is not surprising to me that Dancing Mindfulness already has the hallmarks of a movement, one where the ancient wisdom and power of dance and mindfulness meditation bring healing, joy, and a greater embodiment of mind, body and spirit.