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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...

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Mindfulness and EMDR: From Addictions to Body Image Issues and Beyond

Heading out to Claremont tomorrow to give a talk on the use of Mindfulness and EMDR therapy in the treatment of Body Image issues and Eating Disorders. This is an exciting time for me, as the training of all the clinicians at Refuge Recovery in EMDR is almost complete, and my presentation at the EMDRIA Conference in August has been accepted and scheduled. My colleague Dr. Jamie Marich and I are forging ahead with our book on Mindfulness and EMDR. The theory and ongoing practice of using the 8 phase protocol as a way of seeing cases at an addictions rehab truly seems to be making a difference, and I am looking forward to initial research and ongoing research on the subject.

When I was invited to give this talk in Claremont, it struck me that body image difficulties make perfect targets for trauma reprocessing, and it also became clear that this 8 phase protocol template for running an agency could have even wider implications. I am going to continue to present on the topic, write about the topic, and see what we all can do to hopefully better the lives of those who struggle with trauma related disorders.

More to come!

Inaugural Clinical Dharma Retreat

Join the inaugural Clinical Dharma Retreat for helping professionals with Dr. Stephen Dansiger and guest Noah Levine, followed by a 12 week class series in person or online.

Saturday, Jan 30th, 2016 (10AM - 1PM) @ Against The Stream - Santa Monica
1010 Colorado Blvd, Santa Monica CA
Free (Dana optional)

Clinical Dharma is a series of 12 classes designed by Dr. Stephen Dansiger to help helpers to infuse their self care, and their care of others, with the 4 Noble Truths and the 8 Fold Path of the Buddha.  Also featured as part of Clinical Dharma is the opportunity to go on short retreats with Dr. Steve and guest teachers, where the focus will be on how our work practice is fed by our practice of Buddhist mindfulness.  These workshops can be found both in person and online.

All attendees of this first retreat will be given a 10% discount for one year on any Clinical Dharma classes, retreats or products.

Please RSVP on the calendar event page: