Stephen Dansiger

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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...


From the Buddhist perspective, Sangha, or community, is so important that it is deemed one of the Three Jewels. I have been sitting mindfulness meditation for over 25 years, and during that time I have sat and taught in the midst of many meditation communities. Over the years I have also been part of educational communities, healing communities, artistic communities and social justice communities.  These pages are dedicated to keeping you abreast of my activities related to Dharma and Mindfulness, so if you have interest, we might sit together.

I can be found at the Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, in person at the center and online on their podcast.

In addition, I have also started an online and pop-up sangha called DharmaSpring. This was the name given to me by a Zen teacher years ago, and it was meant to encourage me to become a fountain, not because he thought I was already there. I am hoping we might become that stream of wisdom and compassion together. You might find DharmaSpring online through our blog, podcasts and pop-up meditation events throughout the year.

Through my work as a Buddhist mindfulness oriented clinician, I lead retreats and workshops for those in the helping professions under the banner Clinical Dharma.

Lastly, I may be invited now and then to teach at other centers, and those dates can be found on the calendar as well.

There may be more manifestations of these events, but for now… hope to see you soon.