Stephen Dansiger

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Punk drummer then Songwriter then Dharma Practitioner then Social Justice Educator then EMDR/Trauma/Addiction Therapist then Author/Podcaster now simultaneously...

At StartAgain, we believe that integrating mindfulness and EMDR therapy represents best practice for providing trauma resolution, and trauma resolution represents the best outcome for people suffering from addiction and other mental and emotional health issues.

MET(T)A is a new and innovative way to envision and implement agency mental health treatment that is grounded in the almost 30 years of research, theory and practice of EMDR therapy, as well as the 2600 years of research theory and practice of the Buddhist psychology of Mindfulness. It honors the current belief that there is a deep need for trauma resolution to be a key focus of treatment in order to strengthen relapse prevention and create sustainable long term recovery.

Treatment Centers and Group Practices who employ the MET(T)A PROTOCOL are top-tier treatment providers who understand the need for trauma-focused care. Centers who become accredited MET(T)A protocol programs receive these benefits:

• Alignment with private insurance and accreditation agency mandates (Joint Commission, CARF) that treatment must be trauma-informed and integrated
• Knowledge that treatment is evidence-based and at the forefront of the most efficacious substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment
• Support Manuals and Materials for Mindfulness and Resourcing Groups, Trauma Education Groups, Healthy Lifestyle Groups, Relapse Prevention Groups, and more
• Regular Supervision with a MET(T)A and EMDRIA Certified consultant to support clinical and front line staff
• Guidance to create long term continuing care plans for your clients with access to our exclusive trauma-informed life-skills and recovery coaches both during treatment and after discharge, in accordance with Best Practices outlined by the US Surgeon General

Please contact us to find out about how we can help create new recovery opportunities for your clients.


•Training and support to help your center become a MET(T)A Accredited program
• Institute for Creative Mindfulness, EMDRIA Approved, EMDR Basic Training for clinical staff
• Mindfulness and Mindful Lifestyle Workshops and Retreats
• General Trauma Training for line staff
• Ongoing consultation services for your agency