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What makes your EMDR therapy training program different from other providers?

The Institute for Creative Mindfulness is the only EMDRIA-approved training program that teaches EMDR therapy through the lens of mindfulness. The mindful elements of EMDR therapy were more implicit than explicit when Dr. Francine Shapiro, a student of mind-body medicine, first introduced the therapy. Our curriculum makes the mindful elements explicit. We are now able to train people from the ground up in how to implement mindfulness strategies within the framework of the basic, 8-phase standard protocol. We have found that this approach resonates for people with previous mindfulness training and helps those without previous mindfulness training to understand, to adapt, and to implement EMDR therapy effectively from day one.

We deliver the fundamentals of basic training which, for many in the past, has been a gateway to practicing with single-incident trauma clients. Our trainees find that they are more quickly able to apply EMDR therapy to clients with complex PTSD, dissociative issues, and other complicated diagnoses. They also develop the necessary strategies for addressing developmental trauma and healing attachment wounds within a mindful framework.

We recognize the fear that many new trainees have in learning and adapting to a new paradigm like EMDR therapy. Much like the client-centered approach to our therapeutic practices embraced by our faculty and other team members, our trainee-centered approach in consultation promotes a non-shaming, open, and inclusive platform for continued learning.

Do you offer scholarships for your training program?

We do not offer scholarships or payment plans at this time in order to keep the cost of trainings as low as possible for everyone involved.


Are there ever discounts available for training?

Costs of each session differ depending upon location and part of training. Please check the calendar section for upcoming trainings and associated cost. Coupon codes for future part two enrollment are available and not eligible for refunds. Future Part Two payments are valid for a period of 24-months from the completion of Part One Training - after which time the payment balance will become available towards the cost of taking Part One training again.


Will I be able to do EMDR therapy with my clients after Part I?

Yes, with certain clients. Your trainer and small group facilitators will help you determine which clients will be the best fit for starting EMDR Therapy. It is a common misconception that you aren't able to use EMDR until the whole training is completed.


Is finishing the EMDR Therapy Training the same as being certified?

No. You will receive a Certificate of Training after successful completion of Parts I & II and your required consultation. At that point, you may refer to yourself as "fully trained in EMDR Therapy." If you complete only Part I, you may cite that you have "partial training" or "some training" in EMDR Therapy. Many competent EMDR therapists practice EMDR Therapy with only the certificate of training. This is completely acceptable and generally ethical. In our view, the best ethical safeguard is to make sure that some of your continuing education for the rest of your career is directly connected to EMDR Therapy if you're going to continue to use it. After completion of our EMDR Therapy Training Program, you are eligible to begin the optional process for applying to be a Certified EMDR Therapist through the EMDR International Association. For more information on that process, click HERE.


I took a Part I EMDR training with another provider. Can I finish Part II with your program?

We evaluate these situations on a case by case basis. Generally the answer is yes as long as you can provide verification of your Part I training with the other provider. We do ask you to complete all 10 of your consultation hours with us, including 4-6 of those hours before your Part II training as a refresher and so that you can get acquainted with our training program and style.


If I take Part I in your program can I finish Part II and consultation in another approved program?

This would be the decision of the other program in question. We cannot make any guarantees.


Can I complete my supplementary consultation requirement with any EMDRIA-approved consultant?

No. During your training we require that you complete your supplementary consultation with one of our approved consultants on the Institute for Creative Mindfulness team.

Do I have to complete consultation between Part I & Part II or can it wait until both trainings are over?

We recommend that you take 4-6 hours of consultation (available in groups or individually) between your Parts I & II training to ensure getting the most out of the Part II. If for some reason you are not able to complete any consultation between Part I & Part II you are still allowed to take the Part II, there will be more catch-up work to be completed afterwards and you may not receive full benefit from the Part II training.


Do you offer continuing education for my profession?

As of the October 2015 trainings, we are able to offer continuing education certificates with approvals from the American Psychological Association and the Association of Social Work Boards (21 hours for each part of the training) if there are interested parties in that training group. CE credit are awarded via certificate after completion of evaluations by each trainee.

APA: Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

CALIFORNIA THERAPISTS: APA is an Approved Provider of the California BBS for Psychologists, MFTs, Social Workers and LPCCs. All others encouraged to check with regulatory boards regarding APA credits.

ASWB: CE Learning Systems, (Provider #1020), is approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of State Social Work Boards (ASWB), through the Approved Continuing Education ACE program.  ASWB Approval Period: 02/23/2013 - 02/23/2019.  Social workers should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval.  Social workers participating in this course will receive up to 21.0 clinical continuing education clock hours for Part I and Part II of the training, respectively.

If you are coming to us from out of state (which includes Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and other states/territories to which we travel): In many cases, boards will award continuing education hours for activities that are awarded CEs or CEUs in other states or by comparable professions as long as you provide the certificate of the hours and the syllabus. If you wish to count your EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Therapy Training course with us towards continuing education requirements in your state and in your profession, we strongly suggest that you check with your board about their logistics for obtaining post-program approval. With trainings we offer in co-sponsorship with CE Learning Systems, LLC, check to make sure that your state accepts either APA or ASWB credits and you should be all set. For Puerto Rico participants: Continuing education credits (21.0) have been submitted for approval to the Junta Examinadora de Psicologos y Junta Examinadora Consejros Profesionales.

For more information about Institute for Creative Mindfulness CE approvals,
please click HERE.


What do you suggest that I do in preparation for the training?

If you are interested in getting some preliminary reading done before the training, a guideline has been prepared of books we recommend as part of our training, including notes on when best to read each resources. There are several that are useful for you to read in preparation for the training and others that you will be able to best comprehend after the various phases of your training. Click HERE to access the list.